Decorative concrete floors are fast becoming the go-to floor for homeowners and business owners alike. And it’s no wonder!  The versatility of design and color as well as the ability of custom decorative concrete to replicate other high-end flooring options for less money, makes decorative concrete flooring the smart choice. With Athens Concrete Co., they will help you realize the true endless possibilities to create beautiful concrete floors to perfectly complement their lifestyle and interior spaces with concrete floor designs from traditional to modern. 


Additionally, the attributes of decorative concrete perfectly align with 2021’s current flooring trends that go beyond just looks to accommodate the growing number of people who now use their homes as entertainment central, office space, and school and need more from their floors:


  1. The expectation of value as well as floors that look chic and on-trend.
  2. The demand for durable and enduring finishes that are easy on the budget and easy to care for.
  3. The focus on ease and practicality; the new flooring buzzwords are “antimicrobial” and “antibacterial.”
  4. Here are five different looks you can achieve with decorative concrete from Concrete Craft to update your home for the new year that tick off all the boxes of value, beauty, low maintenance, hygienic, and easy on the wallet.


Budget-friendly stained concrete


Stained concrete is one of the easiest and most economical ways to transform your indoor floors. From staining an existing surface to resurfacing damaged concrete with a decorative concrete overlay and stain, your existing concrete can become better than new. Where a different floor covering is removed, revealing a damaged floor, the concrete overlay will hide cracks, fill in uneven spots, and cover discoloration to present a fresh surface for staining. 


  1. Combining or layering colors can create depth and dimension, intensifying texture and design.
  2. Acid-based concrete stains react chemically with the concrete to form translucent color and marbling effects, mirroring the look of elegant marble.
  3. Non-reactive water-based stains produce a more consistent color and are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  4. Multiple colors can be used within the same project for a one-of-a-kind floor with decorative borders, stenciled designs, or a contrasting color pattern.
  5. Stamped and stenciled wood plank


Rubber Stamps


Rubber stamps are designed from real wood plank molds for more realistic looking finish options, including smooth, textured, and engineered wood.

  1. Moisture-resistant sealer makes the faux wood flooring impervious to weather and humidity, and the “planks” won’t warp, splinter or tear like real wood.
  2. Hand-applied custom stains ensure an overall, even coloring throughout the space which real wood can’t always provide.
  3. Since stamped concrete goes over existing surfaces, the installation goes a lot faster and with less mess than laying real hardwood.
  4. Textured, stamped faux stone designs


If your dream floor is stone, stamped or imprinted concrete can deliver a textured faux stone finish that looks and feels like real slate, brick, cobblestone or flagstone at about half the cost of the real materials. Just as our concrete stamps for wood patterns are molded from real wood planks, we use real stone molds to create authentic faux stone designs. 


Concrete stamps can be applied to freshly poured concrete before it dries or imprinted into a concrete overlay applied to an existing floor. If you love the look of weathered or aged stone for an entryway, kitchen, or basement, stamped concrete can create natural-looking depth and dimension that comes with age.


Decorative concrete overlays can be stamped and stained to emulate tile, stone, or wood with a high-intensity shine to transform your floors.

  1. Stamped impressions make shallow indentations that won’t trap dust and dirt, making the sealed surface easier to clean.
  2. Matte finishes are available where shine is not desired or to improve traction where water spills could make the floor slippery.
  3. Hand-applied multiple stain colors give authenticity to the natural variegated look of rock and stone.
  4. Timeless tile looks to love