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Driveway Repair

Broken or Cracked Driveway? Give us a call and we can repair your driveway


Concrete Patios

Custom Concrete Patios to complete your outdoor getaway.


Stamped Concrete

Custom Stamped Stone Concrete Design or Driveways, Walkways, Patios & More


Concrete Foundations

We offer residential or commercial concrete foundation installation services


Concrete Slabs

Need a concrete slab? We have got you covered with any sizeĀ 

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Looking for concrete contractors in Athens GA? Athens Concrete Co. is proud to serve you and your finest investment… your home. Whether you are looking for a new driveway, patio, walkway, etc. we have got you covered. Our expert concrete contractors work with you throughout the whole process to make for a flawless concrete installation or repair. We understand the importance of perfectly poured & paved concrete and we make sure to achieve that on each job. As we discover all of your needs, we work with you to maximize your investment and to plan the project out in detail, so there is no room for error. We accept all types of work to satisfy our customers. Being the top-rated driveway repair contractors in Athens has been our pleasure and we will do what it takes to maintain that reputation. We take major pride in servicing Athens, GA, and the surrounding areas as one of the top general concrete contractors in town. Our main projects consist of driveway repair, patio, & concrete slabs which are our favorites. We are here to bring your goals to life as the top concrete contractors in Athens.

We also service commercial properties. For a free estimate on your project, give us a call or use a quick quote form.



Athens GA’s Top Custom Driveway Installation & Driveway Repair


Custom Built Patios & Concrete Slabs For Your Outdoor Getaway

Walkways & Steps

Custom Stamped Concrete Walkways, Paths, Sidewalks, Steps & More

Retaining Walls & Foundations

Concrete Retaining Walls & Concrete Foundations

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